Welcome to my blog

After years of procrastination, I finally mustered enough will power to start my own blog on a warm night of 20 July 2016 at around 11pm from the living room of a friend house in Bern, Switzerland.

This is a historic moment for me as I never write stuff. I will share whatever random stuff that happens in my life especially about my travels since that’s something that I love to do.

Since I’ve been procrastinating for years, the stories I publish here will initially not be in order, might be a bit out of date and be coming back and forth in terms of the timeline until one day I have wrote everything that I wanted to share.

My travel style is I usually don’t over plan my travel trips. Half of the time, I only know the tourist attractions of a city when I get there and ask the hostel. Also, coming from a developing country means that I might not be able to visit some places, do or eat some things that western travellers find cheap due to lower standard of living and bad exchange rates which limits how long I can stay at one place. What I write in my blog is from what I have experienced myself which may not include the usual tourist activities. I go sightseeing and doing other cheap/free activities instead.

Having said that, I welcome you here and hope you will like and enjoy the contents that I share in the future 😀

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