Chilling in Stockholm

(~9 day stay, end June – early July 2016, ~10-15 min read)

We could’ve arrived in Stockholm earlier if not for the repair works on a major highway bridge due to an accident. Now we took a long detour passing from the west then to the north of city before heading to the north east towards my friends David’s house near Ākersberg. He hosted me for my almost 2 weeks stay in Sweden. I wrote about my experience with his family and friends here.
Hence, what I write here will overlap with that other post. Here it will mostly be a summary of the places I went and the things you can do during summer. Timetables might change for the other seasons.

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10 Days in Sweden Hosted by David and Family

( ~20 minute read about my friend, David and his family who hosted me while I stayed in Sweden)

Since I was now on a Eurotrip, I found it apt that I visited a few of my European friends whom I met during my travels around the world.

My ride to Malmö was onboard flixbus which cost me just €2. It was supposed to be €5 but I had a one off ISIC card discount of €3). A train would’ve cost me around SEK90. It was a double decker bus and was quite empty when I boarded. It was on the way to Gothenburg from Germany before stopping in Copenhagen. ( No wifi )

Around 20 minutes later, we were driving on the Øresund Bridge that separates Denmark and Sweden. It was quite long and we were driving on it for more than 10 minutes. Arrived in Malmö around an hour later. It’s not too far away which explains why people commute to work everyday between Copenhagen and Malmö.

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