Relaxing in Darwin, Australia

It was around a 4 hour flight from Cairns to Darwin arriving at night time. I pre booked the airport shuttle (AUD 20) to my hostel close to the city ( or maybe I should call it town? ) centre. The weather is similar to South East Asia since it’s close by ( just around 3-4 hours flight from Bali ).

It was a Saturday night and I walked along Mitchell Street which is one of the main street of town. Apart from the pub and bars area, nothing much was happening in the CBD. Similarly, it wasn’t that lively on Sundays too.

I spent my few days just chilling. It is a relaxed laid back city. Prices of things are definitely more expensive here than in other parts of Australia. I’m guessing around 30-40% more based on the prices of groceries in Coles/Woolworths.

Things I did there :

1)  walking along Darwin waterfront. There’s bars, hotels and public pools that you can hangout at.

2) Shopping street in the CBD which is Mitchell Street and Smith Street pedestrian mall. Nearby, you can find the tourism office, public library and other government building. The city isn’t that big so everything is close by. You can also visit the tunnels used during World War 2

3) Walking along the seaside path from town leading to Mindil Beach ( if not mistaken, it was around 3 kms from town ). From town, you’ll walk uphill and pass by Bicentennial Park and admire the view of the sea.

There’s a weekend market selling food and merchandise at Mindil beach on Sundays. Not sure how frequent it is held though.

5) Litchfield national Park.  I looked up on gumtree to see if anyone was organising rides to go out of Darwin. I found someone going to Litchfield National Park for a day trip. The journey there took around 2 hours one way. On the way to the park, we stopped at towering high termite mounds. Incredible to see. Then, we went to take a dip at a few waterfalls in the national park before making our way back to town.

Didn’t manage to go to Kakadu National Park this time. I guess I’ll do that at another time.

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