Roadtrip through Central Australia

This is a trip that I have always wanted to do for a long time. The time needed and especially the cost has always been my biggest stumbling block to this journey. Finally, I was able to do the trip in mid October 2016 and it lasted for around 10 days. The night before the trip, I was thinking of leaving Darwin to go to Bali. At the same time, I thought to myself, why not go to Uluru ( also known as Ayers Rock ) since Stuart Highway heads to that direction. It’s a far drive of more than 1500+ kilometres though. I tried to see if anyone in the hostel was headed that way but no one was advertising on the hostel information board.

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Relaxing in Darwin, Australia

It was around a 4 hour flight from Cairns to Darwin arriving at night time. I pre booked the airport shuttle (AUD 20) to my hostel close to the city ( or maybe I should call it town? ) centre. The weather is similar to South East Asia since it’s close by ( just around 3-4 hours flight from Bali ).

It was a Saturday night and I walked along Mitchell Street which is one of the main street of town. Apart from the pub and bars area, nothing much was happening in the CBD. Similarly, it wasn’t that lively on Sundays too.

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