Bern, Switzerland

I visited Zurich and Bern from 18-21 July 2016. My overnight journey from Budapest to Zurich was finally coming to an end soon. As it struck 7am, there was more activity in the train as people disembarking or were getting ready to disembark. Kids were waking up their parents, some were changing into their daytime clothing or brushing their teeth. I, on the other hand was trying to catch up on sleep since I did not get a good night sleep in the hot, cramped train compartments.

As the sun rose, the majestic towering mountains and green valleys complimented with pristine blue rivers as well as quaint villages started to reveal itself. I had to choose between catching up sleep or admiring the view outside. The train felt so small when we passed through the high mountains.

At one of the stations, the immigration officers boarded the train to check our passports. The only people left in my compartment were 2 Australians from Newcastle on working holiday in the UK. One of them had a British passport though.

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